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i  REALLY have to stop waiting so long to update!!

So Georgia is AMAZING!!!! Everyone in this town is SO nice! Its like a quiet little country town and I absolutely LOVE it!! There are big lifted trucks and rednecks everywhere I look : )

I no longer have a relationship with my parents, i'm not going to say why on here though. My dad called my sister 2 or 3 times in a couple days to tell her stuff about me. She doesnt believe a word of it bc shes an amazing big sister : ) So i called my dad and FLIPPED out on him. I told him to stop calling Kelly bc she doesnt care or believe it and that it has NOTHING to do with her so he needs to call me and talk to me, and not her. He had NOTHING to say to me. I went on a rant for 5 minutes and he said NOTHING to me, so I hungup on him. Havent heard a word from him since. I called my mom the other day and she was really short with me, apparently she's on my dad's side about everything, like ALWAYS, we exchanged some words and i told her to have a nice life and hungup. It just REALLY sucks that my own parents dont believe me about everything. If my parents wont even talk to me about it and are just going with what they hear, then i dont want parents like that. It sucks, but Kelly and I think they'll come around eventually. Until they wanna actually talk to me about everything and APOLOGIZE, i have NOTHING to say them. They've made no attempt to do either so whatever. Anywayssss...

We're opening up the salon Nov 6th. I'm sooooo excited! Michelle(the girlt hat lives across the street) will be one of the cosmetologists working there. Her bffl Bre will be the other cosmetologist and the owner/boss. Michelle is 30 & Bre's 26 and they are SOOO awesome. They're young, hilarious, and SO much fun. And Bre is LOADED!!!! Her mom Cindy owns this plumbing/pipeline company and thats where she pretty much gets all her money. Cindy is just as awesome as Bre is! We went to Outback the other night and took their 08 Corvette & RangeRover!!! We ordered every single appetizer on the menu and got a bunch of cocktails and her mom payed for everything. We went to a karaoke bar and drank more there and again they payed for everything. It was SOOOO much fun! They spend money like its going out of style! Bri's house is GORGEOUS & so is her redneck hubby, lol : ) She'll let me borrow ANYTHING; clothes, shoes, rangerover, coach/LV/chanel purses, and not to mention her huge rock on her finger that she just randomly bought(not her wedding ring) AH!!! Its like the best group of friends/co-workers I could possibly ask for!

I met this guy when i 1st moved here. He's 20, has a brand new f150, & hes a firefighter. We hungout like everyday since i've been here. He wants a relationship though and I dont really want one since i JUST moved here. So we havent really hungout/talked since i told him that a couple days ago :-/  I met some of his friends and they've sure been blowin me up since we stopped talking the other day, lol : )

So pretty much all i do is wake up btwn 8-10, play with Miller, go shopping/run errands with Kelly & Miller all day, eat dinner, then hangout with whoever, come home and go to bed btwn 12-2.

The only people I really talk to from NSB is Julio, Kayla , & Theresa. Those are really the only people i want to talk to. They are TRUE friends unlike everyone else in that god for saken town.

Thats all i can think of right now..

I dated a kid from Osteen but it didnt work out. He was a little immature and def needs to grow up a little bit, so yeahhh. lol.

Becki and I are roomies! The new house is great. Its SO much better then Sugartree! I got her a job at Stella's so we're roomies and co-workers.

I figured out the reason Galen was being so nice. He likes me. Go figure. Work is SO much different then it use to be. Nobody enjoys going to work anymore. 

Pretty much the only people I hangout with are my faves from work. Theresa, Kayla, Briana, Julio, Tyler etc. My Sanford & Osteen boys are fighting and i REFUSE to take sides and I guess bc of that they're mad at me. Bc of the whole Beth drama none of the 'group of friends' call/text me anymore. But idc. I've come to realize that friends come and go. Its part of life. And thats fine by me. The only people that I need in my life are my family<3

I'm finally moving out of NSB!! Ever since I can remember I've hated this god damn town and couldn't wait to get away. I dont want to be a waitress for the rest of my life, but I know for a fact that if I stay in NSB I wont go to school. I'm tired of not having any drama but bc my friends have it, I get brought into it somehow. I'm also tired of going to Walmart at 3am on Tuesday and seeing people I use to make fun of in highschool or seeing people that i dont like/dont like me. I'm just tired of living here. Another huge reason Im leaving is bc im totally missing my nephew grow up. I only get to see him once every 3 or 4 months. He's running around like a mad man now and talking a little and I dont wanna miss that. Kellys also due in December and I really want to be there to help her. Having a 1 and 1/2 year old and newborn isn't easy, so i'll be there to help : )  Covington is SO much different then NSB. Its AMAZING there. And its full of rednecks : ) I cant wait to start making new friends and hopefully find my cowboy romeo<3 Im reaaaalllllyyy excited! Im leaving Sunday Sept 30th. Im going to get a job as a waitress untill I find a nanny job. Then prob start school next semester. I'm going to try and come home one weekend a month, but im not making any promises. If it wasnt for my parents and faves at work, I wouldnt be coming back at all.
Wow, so much has changed since my last update...

Hunter and I are no longer together. Long distance relationships are sooo hard and I didnt know why I thought I could do it, bc I def couldnt. It kinda ended badly((on his part)) but thats his decision so yeahhh, lol.

Work is sooooo different. We got a new manager who was a manager at the Swamp. His name is Gaylen and he's like 25ish?! At 1st everyone hated him bc he was an asshole, but he's getting better now. I think he was nicer to me bc he knows me and Dawn are bffl, but idk. Hes getting better to work with though. So Heather's gone, its been about a month now. I miss her like CRAZY and its def not the same without her. My last night working with Dawn was last Friday. Its soooo much different without her now. Gaylen fired Margo the other day : ( Stella's Skyline without Margo?!?! Wow! So pretty much the only faves I have left are Theresa, Kayla, & Brianna. Oh!! I got Becki a job the other day : ) She was our hostess last weekend and now she's training to be a server : ) And Hanna's coming in tomorrow night to apply too!! We've hired a couple new people and plan on hiring more, so we'll see what happens. I still plan on finding a new job and only working there 1 or 2 days a week though.

Becki and I move into the new house on Saturday : ) I am soooo soo so excited!!!

We're having a goodbye party for Dawn tonight. It will be the last time we all hangout together : ( Dawn leaves on Friday and im going to be soooo lost without her!!!

I've been talking to a bunch of 'rednecks' from Osteen recently. When I have my party in the new house in a couple weekends they're coming : ) It will be nice to add some new guys to the group : )

Speaking of the group. It feels like our group of friends are going through a divorce right now. With the drama going on btwn Becki, Josh, & Beth, its as if the group has split into 2. Its been since like my birthday that we've ALL hungout together. Which makes me sad, but owell!

I've become like BFFL with Becki and Jess : ) 

Umm i feel like Im forgetting something, but Idk what...so i guess thats it : )

Happy almost birthday to meeee!

Wow, i dont even know where to start!!

Um lets see, the Pepsi 400 wasnt that great, lol. I got kicked out 30 mins before it started. I was prob the most wasted i've EVER been times 10! Good times. Long story, but it was totally worth it : ) 

Miller's bday went pretty well. I only had 3 hours of sleep, so it SUCKED, but it was fun. He's soooo big. Speaking of...Kelly's having another boy : ) Due Dec 15th and prob naming him Mason : ) Can't wait!

Around the beginning of July, Heather((one of my bestfriends from work)) was talking about moving to Colorado and right around the same time Dawn started talking about moving to NC. Well Heather moved the other day and Dawn is moving at the the end of Aug!!! My whole world pretty much came crashing down!! My 2 bestfriends, one being like a big sister are moving! It really sucks! Everytime I think about it I cry. But Dawn said she's going to pay for my plane ticket to come see her every couple of months and pay for our plane tickets to go see Heather. One problem though....I DONT FLY!!! : (  And in a couple weeks a couple girls that just graduated are off to college so they wont be at Stella's anymore either!! So all my faves are pretty much gone!!!! Work sucks enough as it is. People are fucking lazy and im tired of being a waitress!!! So with my 2 bestfriends and my faves gone from Stella's i told the other manager that i'm not going to be there for much longer. Im looking for a nanny job and prob only working at Stella's one or 2 nights a week.

My birthday dinner with my faves from work was fun. It was also our last time hanging out with Heather. My birthday absolutely SUCKED last year but this year has been amazing..so far : )

My love life is finally straightened out : ) No more 3 or 4 guys. I just have one now who I wouldnt trade for anyone in the world! He's coming home next Saturday for a week for mine and his moms bday : ) He's not coming home for good till December, so it will be nice to get to spend some time with him. Im sooooo excited. He's absolutely amazing and he makes me sooo happy<3

I still talk to him about once a week or so. Its hard though bc we both have busy lives and its not like we can be public about our friendship. He drives me craazzyyy though and we fight every now and then, but what else is new,lol.

Me and Becki are prob moving into Dawns house once she moves out.

Chris and I got into a HUGE fight a couple weeks ago. I pretty much came to the conclusion that he's a mooch and isnt thankful for anything i ever did for him. So i told him to get out, give me my key back, and have a nice life and he just walked out. Whatever, no loss to me. Robert and I talk every once in a while. I miss him like crazzzyyyy though. I still havent talked to Brandon. I have the most amazing group of friends now though that have proved to me that they'll be there through thick and thin and will do ANYTHING for me, even walk with me down Sugarmill road and 44 at 2AM : )

So my life is prob going to be the same for the next 4 months or so. I want to move to Ft Myers when Hunter comes home in Decemeber, get a nanny job down there, and go to school to get my Real Estate license : ) Finally get out of NSB, go to school, have a great job, and an amazing boyfriend : ) As for now, i work my ass off to pay for all my bills and when im not working I go out to the woods with everyone, get stuck in mudholes and have a blast : )
Whyyyy do i wait so long to update?!?! Well theres a lot to update about, but I dont really feel like doing it now. I must say one thing though....

He is AMAZING!!!! <3

Jun. 28th, 2007

I can't believe it's almost July! 

So since I've been enjoying the last days of my teenage years to the FULLEST, I'm broke. Like prob the brokest I've EVER been. Im not complaining or bitching bc it's my own fault & i know that. I have just enough to pay my $650 rent on Sunday. I have a $180 cable bill due today that I didnt pay bc I dont have the money and a $200 car ins due Sunday that I cant pay for bc I dont have the money for that either. My mom knows that i'm broke but she def doesnt have any money to give me and even if she did I wouldnt take it bc I'm almost 20 years old and Its my fault that im so in debt. I just need to party less and work more and I'll be fine : ) I'm a woman!! :-D Well starting July 9th. 

So in my last update I told ya'll about the guy that came into Stella's and we exchanged numbers and what not. Well we talked for a few days after that. But I came to the conclusion that he's not my type, at all. Which is a shame bc he's GORGEOUS and he has a southern accent. But he's into going out to clubs EVERY night and more of an abercrombie and fitch surfer than a wranglers mudding guy. Owell...

My love life is still very confusing...My main <3 wont be home for 5 1/2 months : (  And a couple others, lol. 1 being a PROFESSIONAL BULLRIDER!!! Another one living 45 mins away. Another one who's a little too young. Another one is an Ex.  And I think there's one more...Anyways, the only one I can really see myself with is my main love. And when he does come home, he lives 4 hours away!!! So do I continue to stay single and wait for him?! Or do I keep looking, find a bf, and see what happens 5 1/2 months down the road?!? IDK!!!

They had the baby today. I'm waiting for pics to be posted on myspace. I was going to call and say congrats but i'll just wait for him to call me.

I can't believe the Pepsi 400 is only 8 days away! My cousin Mitchell might be coming down to stay with me next week too. I really hope he does. Its going to be nonstop partying from the time he gets here till he leaves! I cant wait. Miller's bday party is next Sunday. I'm really excited!! I'm buying most of his presents online. I pretty much have them all in the "carts" online, all i gotta do is enter my creditcard number and check out : )

My Birthday plans are almost finalized, lol. Friday=Bday dinner with the besties from work, Saturday=Islands of Adventure with close friends then party in the woods at night with everyone, Sunday=Family time : )

So life continues to be amazing!! It's going to be even more amazing when I get more money and FINALLY move into a house : ) Ohhh and figure out my love life :-P

Jun. 20th, 2007

So Chris came to see me at work Monday! It was sooo exciting. Work was steady but nothing too exciting. When i got off I brought food home for me and Chris. Andrew Wenrich, Amanda, & Heather were here. We ate dinner, watched tv, talked, and played some drinking games : ) Chris and I stayed up till 4ish. Woke up the next day at like 1 and just hungout at the house. I worked 4-cl. It was DEAD. I got cut at like 7 and got home around 830. I ate dinner with Chris and Andrew cameover. We watched a little bit of the country music awards and Andrew peaced around 10:30. I fell asleep on the couch at like 11 and woke up at 12. Went in my bed and fell asleep till like 130. I had a REALLY bad dream and woke up shaking. Came out in the living room and talked to Chris and watched tv for a little bit. Went back to bed & woke up at 9 today. Pretty much had to DRAG Chris off the couch so we could go to the beach. Got to the beach at like 10. It was hott as HELL so we peaced at like noon. Came home, took a shower, uploaded some pics, & Chris went back to Ormand around 1. I took a nap at like 230 till 330 and got ready for work. Worked 5-cl with Dawny, Jessica, Theresa, & Elyse. Around 8 a 3 top walked in. 2 older guys and 1 young guy wearing a Georgia shirt. VERY good looking psbtw : ) Theresa got the table and i followed her with some drinks to their table outside bc I wanted to get a closer look at him and Theresa said he had a very southern accent : ) Psbtw he's GORGEOUS, tall, athletic build, & an AMAZING accent. So i started telling Jessica and Dawn about him and before i knew it, Jessica's out there talking to him for me! lol She told him that I was interested and he gave me his number. He's 23, lives in PO, goes to college, single, likes to party, etc. So then Theresa gives them their bill and writes my number on it for him and doesnt even tell me! Lol. Good times. So Im not going to call him for like 2 more days. And we'll see what happens : ) But idk though bc of Hunter. He doesnt come home for 5 months and 21 days : ( Ahhh my love life is so confusing!

I work tomorrow day instead of night so now Im going to Seaside with Dawny, Gabey, Chris, & others : ) Well MAYBE. It depends how drunk we get at Dawns house and if we can walk that far : )

So me and "him" are friends, FINALLY. He's a pretty good one too. Dont get me wrong, we still fight every so often, but I usually win the fights so its all good : ) It just sucks that our friendship pretty much has to be a secret. Owell : )

Im still undecided about what I want to do for my bday. Me, Dawn, Heather, & others are DEF going to Red Lobster though bc Sean(a guy we work with) also works at RedLobster and he said he'll let us drink and he'll discount us. So that will be my bday dinner with a couple close friends. My bday is on a Sunday so Im thinking about going to Kelley Springs friday night, sat, & sun with a bunch of people. And just camp there & bring out the 4wheelers. But I also want to have a party like Saturday night at the mondex or barpits. So as you can tell, Im TOTALLY undecided. I still got some time to figure everything out though.

Hopefully Chris is going to get a damn job soon so we can move into a 2 bedroom in Sugartree. Save up some money for a couple months and eventually get a 3 bedroom house with Andrew Wenrich : ) If Chris doesnt get a job within the next 2 weeks though, I think Im just going to get a 2 bedroom with Andrew and Chris can sleep on the couch like he does at my house now.
Damnit! I hate when i dont update in forever!((lol, i say that just about every time I update, lol))

Well life is pretty amazing. Im trying to enjoy the last of my "teenage years" before its over, lol. I've been throwing parties a lot. A lot of people show up and we just play beerpong and flipcup all night. My apartment is a complete mess the next day but its totally worth it : ) 

Ashley Pitcher and I have gotten really close within the past couple of months. Her and Joe are engaged and I couldnt be any happier for her! They are prob the most perfect couple I've EVER seen! She quit working at Stella's though which makes me VERY sad((so did kayla jette)) But her and joe come to all my parties so I see her a lot. Joe's sister Jessica works at Stella's too. She's 26, has 2 kids, and is now getting seperated from her husband. She is HILARIOUS though! I want her to go on last comic standing! Me, her, & Faith hungout the other night. It was pretty crazy! I freaking love them!

Oh! I GOT FREE TICKETS TO THE PEPSI 400!!! I wasnt going to go bc I cant really afford it. So I was just going to throw a Pepsi 400 party. Well I was talking to Dawn about it at work one day and shes like "Gabe gets free tickets to all the races, im sure he can get us some and we can go" I almost had a heart attack. He's a contractor for KB homes so apparently he gets tickets and he got me and Dawn tickets too. So me, Dawny, Gabe & some of his friends are going : ) We're leaving at like 8 in the AM and just drinking and cooking out ALLLLL day until the race. Im sooooooooooo freaking excited!!! Buuuuttt...Millers bday party is the next day at noon! uggh, its going to be VERY rough! But my dad said he'll get me some miller lite to drink at the party so Ill just start drinking again and my hangover will go away : ) I'll be drunk at my 1 year old nephews bday party lol, but at least I wont be hungover : )

Chris and Ryder have been in Ormand for like a week and a half. So I havent seen them since they went up there : ( It sucks! Im use to seeing them EVERYDAY, all day, or multiple times a day. I miss my bests : (

Ahhhh!! Chris just called me and said hes coming home!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!

Work is getting busier, kind of. lol. Its still slow season though. Lulu's(our other restaurant in Ormand) is getting ready to open so a couple servers, cooks, and managers are going to be working up there.

Sooo he is amazing : ) and i cant wait till he comes home! only 5 1/2 months to go : ( 

ok well i gotta get ready for work, upload new pics of miller, & straighten up the house before Chris comes home.

((working with dawn heather jessica and margo tonight!! YAY!!!))

Jun. 3rd, 2007

Well my life is pretty amazing. It can't get much better then this((knock on wood)) I've been partying for the past 6 nights straight. I get pretty freakin drunk and go to bed btwn 4 & 6 in the AM. I either have parties at my APT, or I go hangout with Chad and the guys, or the Sanford Boys : ) Its been fricken amazing. I'm pretty much a beerpong & flipcup champion : ) I've made friends with Chris Hatcher's g/f Heidi, Chris Austin's g/f Hannah, Thomas' on again off again g/f Jess, & Summer Lane. Dawn and I are closer then ever! It still amazes me how much alike we are. And how we go through the same things pretty much at the same time. And we say the same things at the same time & we even know what eachother is thinking. Its really freaking me out! lol. We always have a blast when we go out drinking. We tell eachother EVERYTHING & shes an amazing bestfriend/big sister! Idk what I would do without her though! Speaking of bestfriends. Ryder and Chris have been staying in Ormand for the past week. So I haven't seen them since last Monday! : ( Which is REALLY weird bc we see eachother everyday! Chris just cameover though before he went to the Tavern. And he's going to stay here for a couple days. And I'll see Ryder on Tuesday. I looooove them!! My love life is confusing, like always. Guys that like me, I dont like. And the guys that i do like, i can't make up my mind who I like more and I dont wanna give up the single life. I've been talking to this guy Hunter  though. He's 22 and in the army. He's amazing! Lets see...what else...DVR is amazing : ) IDK how I ever lived without it! i LOVE my apartment! I saw Ryan and like 4 other guys with their bikes in the Subway/Dunkin Donuts parking lot today as I drove by to go to WinnDixie : ) Then as I was leaving and going to the rents' house. They pulled out in front of me and waved and honked : ) lol Haven't seen them in awhile. Millers bday party is July 8th and Im sooo freaking excited. He's getting so big!! Once he gets a little older we're going to share bday parties since our bdays are only 8 days apart : )
Hello : ) Well I gave my APT a complete makeover : ) It's amazing. I got rid of the comp desk that my TV was sitting on and got a smaller tv stand from my GMA's house((in FL)) I got a coffee table to put in front of the big couch. I got an area rug that matches my sheets hanging up against the window. I also got A LOT of cute things to hangup on the wall. i FINALLY got a bed : ) It's freaking amazing! My bedroom is actually a bedroom now. I love my APT now!! 

Since this whole feud is going on btwn Brandon and the rest of us, Chris & Ryder are at my house a lot now. I freaking love them. And they really are my true bestfriends. And they've def proved it to me : )

Me, My mom, & my dad cleaned out my grandma's house last week. It was SSSOOOOOOOO sad. But I got to take whatever I wanted. So i took a lot of food, some small furniture, a beer pong table : ), and some other stuff.

My boy situation is a little confusing. I've got a couple of crushes and the best part about them is NO ONE knows them : ) hahaha. They're not from NSB, but they do live in FL. And they're all rednecks : )

This past weekend was def CRAZY, lol, to say the least! I went to beachside tavern for the UFC fight Saturday night with Chad and the guys. A couple Miller Lites later I was pretty drunk and It was only like 8:30. I got up on a table and started dancing with some girls, well i was drunk and wearing stilletos so I fell off. lol. Another group of girls started laughing at me so I tried to fight them : ) Well a HUGE bouncer picked me up and carried me outside and told me to go home. LOL. It was great. So I went to Stella's instead : ) A lot of my faves were working so it was pretty fun! 

Sunday Night Chris and I drank some beers & had some shots : ) Ryder came over. Then Kyle, Then Chris A & Chris H. We sat around and talked, took pics, & drank : ) We went to Gary's for some beerpong. I got really drunk and started throwing up so Chris took me home. Then Chris & Ryder came back after a little & stayed the night. I woke up Monday around 11. A certain someone cameover and it was a great way to start off the day, lol! : ) Then I went to the grocery store to get stuff for the BBQ. Then went to Dawny's around 3. Had some Miller Lites. Ate some chips & dip and a hotdog. Before I knew it I had 5 Miller Lites, 4 shots, & a crap load of mixed drinks. We started playing some drinking games : ) Around 8 I was WWAAAAAAAASSSTTTEEDDD and started throwing up. I went home & Chris was passed out on the couch((drunk as well)) Well I threw up every 20 mins btwn 10 & 4. I wanted to DIE! I really think I had a little bit of alcohol poisoning. It sucked! So yesterday I woke up at like 2, the cable guy installed the DVR : ) YAY!!, And I layed around alllllll day. It was VERY nice : )



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